DataWorks Inventory Management Solution Integrates Seamlessly with E-Commerce

by | Apr 13, 2023 | E-commerce, News

Streamline operations by integrating your inventory management system with your WooCommerce website

Dataworks, Inc. inventory management system now integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.

Dataworks, Inc. offers a comprehensive inventory management solution that’s tailored specifically to the needs of WooCommerce website users. With a WooCommerce integration, companies can easily manage inventory, orders, and customer data all in one place; even with multiple warehouses.

The DataWorks inventory management solution provides real-time updates on inventory levels, helping businesses stay on top of stock levels and reduce waste. With its forecasting capabilities, companies can predict inventory needs and optimize ordering and stocking processes without the worry of overselling out of stock inventory on an e-commerce site.

Plus, the powerful reporting and analytics tools allow users to generate detailed reports on inventory levels, sales data, and other key metrics. This gives valuable insights needed to make more informed decisions about business operations and drive growth.

Resources Integrated has partnered with DataWorks to provide the ultimate inventory management and e-commerce support solution to integrate flawlessly with any WooCommerce powered e-commerce website.

Some of the key benefits of the system include:

  1. Add new product to the DataWorks inventory system that posts to your e-commerce website with the push of a button. No more reliance on a web developer to add new products to the website.
  2. Track all inventory through one system – when inventory reaches a specific threshold in the brick and mortar store or warehouse, the product is automatically removed from the online store until stock is replenished. This helps to avoid over-selling inventory.
  3. As online purchases are made, total inventory levels are automatically updated.
  4. Full e-commerce website management to ensure seamless operation of the interface and to maintain a high degree of e-commerce security.
  5. Weekly e-commerce back-ups to ensure your website stays up.
  6. Advanced reporting and analytics to focus on growing your business.

With Dataworks, companies also benefit from exceptional customer support. The DataWorks team is highly responsive and knowledgeable, providing you with prompt and effective solutions to any issues or concerns that arise.

So why wait? If you’re a WooCommerce store owner looking for a powerful inventory management solution, choose DataWorks. With the WooCommerce integration, you’ll have everything you need to manage your inventory and drive growth for your business.

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