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Blended Rank – a Website is not Enough

I have many clients who contact me in a panic to redesign their outdated website because they are not ranking as high as their competitors in a search engine’s organic listing therefore missing out on valuable leads. While an outdated website certainly needs a search engine optimization refresh (or overhaul), the website is not the only issue at hand. Google and other major search engines have put a lot of recent effort into improving the ranking algorithm so that legitimate and relevant search results rank higher than SPAM sites trying to make money off of traffic. As a result, a website with even the best SEO is not enough – search engines now rank you based on your “blended rank” or overall online search presence. Blended rank could include anything from your website’s text, images, videos, social media presence and blog content. As such, gone are the days where you can focus solely on the text within your website – though it is still one of the most important.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Elements Small Businesses Need to Grow

The days of traditional marketing are long over. For some, this is a welcome change. For others, especially small businesses; online marketing is just plain overwhelming. Especially since the landscape of internet marketing has become increasingly more competitive. A lot of my clients ask me what the most important digital marketing elements for small businesses are and why.

So here is my top five list of web marketing for small businesses (or any size business really):