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Resources Integrated 360 Degree Website Approach

Website design and development is no longer simply designing a pretty website, forgetting about it and hoping that traffic will find you. Today’s websites require strategic design, development and continued maintenance to ensure that your website is visible to relevant traffic and remains optimized for search engines. We will Design, Develop and Drive traffic to your website even after launch so that your business stays visible. Afterall, search engine algorithms continue to advance; so should your website.

Website design services

Website Design

Our approach to website design is strategic and specific to your company. A restaurant is different than a manufacturing company and therefore should be designed with your industry in mind. And while an aesthetically pleasing website is important, the design must also incorporate simplicity, fast load times and seamless responsiveness to all devices and browsers. Too many website design companies focus on fancy graphics, fun animations and flashy videos that slow down load times, decreases usability and ultimately frustrates users resulting in high bounce rates and zero conversions. In today’s digital landscape, if your website is not designed with simplicity in mind, your potential customers will take their business elsewhere. Let us help you craft the perfect balance of design and function.

Website Development

Websites have become incredibly dynamic. With the rise of e-commerce and the functionality that is available, it is easier to capture visitors than ever before. Instead of throwing a static website out to the world and hoping that a visitor will contact you, we look for ways to collect, track and remarket to potential customers who visit your website in an effort to convert as many leads as possible. We use code that is ‘lean, clean and screen’ for the ultimate website experience. Lean code is the minimum amount of code necessary to provide advanced functionality while still delivering appealing design. Clean code is necessary for optimal search engine crawlability, lightning fast load times and website ADA compliance. Screen code means that the website provides both lean and clean code across all devices and browsers flawlessly so every visitor has the same experience no matter how they find you.

Website development services
Search engine services

Drive Website Traffic

In addition to web design and development, Resources Integrated builds your website with search engine optimization in mind from start to finish to ensure that your website ranks high organically. After the website launch, we maintain the website daily to ensure your website is secure with critical updates and weekly back-ups. We even offer additional paid SEO services as a Google Ads certified partner to enhance your SEO efforts.

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