Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to build a simple, unique, consistent and recognizable brand for our customers through website design, print media, social marketing and other creative solutions to enhance our customer’s image and increase revenue through various means of marketing avenues.

Our Vision
The vision of Resources Integrated is to be the number one choice of our customer’s creative digital marketing, search engine marketing and online needs by…

• Integrating all creative services to make RI2 a one-stop service provider.
• Build a unique and consistent brand based on our customer’s needs and wants either from scratch or from within existing parameters.
• Increase our customer’s revenue through various means of marketing avenues.
• Provide unmatched customer service and measurable data throughout the progress.

Our Passion
Resources Integrated was created out of a passion for creative marketing, programming, graphic design and the need to integrate all of these valuable tools seamlessly. The days of hiring a seperate graphic designer, web developer, database administrator and programmer are over. RI2 has combined valuable resources to bring our customers the most value for their dollar while increasing consistency, efficiency and revenue.

Our History
The original Resources Integrated of Midland, Michigan began as a small business in the 1990’s as an electronics and computer repair service. The owner put long hours into repairing anything from TV’s to computer monitors and was well known for his ability to repair anything technical. His technical brilliance and passion for electronics earned him loyal customers for many, many years. In the late 1990’s, computers and other electronics became more and more disposable and the cost to repair appliances was no longer worth the investment. Sadly, after years of hard work, Resources Integrated closed its doors after 10 years.
Almost 10 years later, Resources Integrated, or RI2, reopened under the direction of the original owner’s daughter. With a focus on marketing, instead of repair, the ‘2’ or ‘squared’ that denotes the ‘RI’ in the logo indicates the second generation of Resources Integrated. The services of Resources Integrated has changed but the passion remains the driving force behind our success. We operate with the notion that your success depends on our success.

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