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Affordable Digital Marketing Solutions – Adwords, paid SEO, organic search engine optimization, SEM, Web Development, and much more located in MidMichigan.

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Affordable Digital Marketing Solutions for your Business. We are a full-service online marketing firm located in Saginaw, MI specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Website Design and Development and content marketing.

Search Engine Marketing
Rank higher with paid search engine marketing. Adwords marketing uses certain key words based on your specific needs and is based on analytical data to bring you greater return on investment.

Website Development
We have been trusted for over 10 years to design and develop affordable digital marketing and strategic websites and e-commerce sites for businesses throughout the United States. Click here to learn more.

Social Media Marketing
We can help you connect and engage with your customers with Social Media Marketing and Management and increase your online presence therefore increasing ROI.

Additional Digital Marketing Services
Organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, adwords campaigns marketing and management, website design, redesign and development, e-commerce sites and management, online marketing consulting, website updates, support and maintenance, online content management and social media marketing, logos and business branding, print media materials including flyers, brochures, newsletters, ads, coupons and more, customer relations management software, loyalty programs and custom coding for your online marketing needs. Don’t see what you need? Ask us here! We can probably help you.

Search Engine and Digital Marketing

What good is a website if no one can find you? These days, everyone has a website. Stand out with superior organic search engine optimization and/or paid SEO digital marketing management. Rank higher to be discovered by your target audience. The great news is, paid search and organic search efforts are measurable – you’ll know if they’re working or not. Contact us today to get started on your business’s digital marketing efforts.

Paid Search Digital Marketing – Adwords Campaign Management

The Internet serves more than 11 billion users searching for content every single day. Businesses now have the opportunity to open their product or service to a major slice of that pie with online Adword Campaigns. Companies have experienced major increases with Adword and SEM digital marketing campaigns and we take the headache out of managing this complex and time-consuming advertising medium. We offer:

• Website assessment to determine keywords and content for pages
• Campagin set-up – creation of campaigns, ads, analytics and content
• Suggestions for landing page content to optimize conversions
• Monthly management and maintenance to ensure keywords are maximized for optimal performance
• Extensive tracking, tweaking and trending for the best conversion rates
• Monthly reports to track progress

Web Design and Development

We offer website design for a range of needs and wants. Anything from a simple, static website all the way to complex, interactive websites. We are very careful to tailor to our client’s wishes to preserve the cosmetic integrity of today’s most important digital marketing tool – your website.

A website has become the single most important driver for business today. It is absolutely essential that your online presence accurately reflects the products or services you offer and that your website meets your customer’s needs whether it is a dynamic online store or simply for information.

• Website design/redesign
• Website updates, support and maintenance
• Website hosting
• Website search engine optimization

Content Management and Social Media Marketing

Create a buzz with relevant content for your business or industry via various online mediums. Has your business jumped on the social media band wagon yet? If not, don’t be left out! Social media allows interaction with customers like never before and turns interaction into revenue. An instant way of sharing news, updates, service announcements and products, business are utilizing a social platform to communicate directly to interested markets and the pay-offs are huge. Contact us today to set up your Social Media digital marketing campaign.

Logos and Branding

A business’s identity starts with one of the most important elements of your business: your logo. However, branding certainly doesn’t stop there. Resources Integrated builds your brand with a specific theme in mind to provide a unique and consistent identity throughout all digital marketing media, whether it is print or online. We offer the following services:

• Logo design/redesign
• Consistent branding on all marketing materials

Print Media

Because Graphic Design is our business, we also offer a full range of affordable print design including brochures, newsletters, business cards, print ads, calendars, coupons and so much more!

Customer Relations Management Software
The days of simple marketing are over now that companies are able to track customer’s data more efficiently. Customers have come to expect more value from companies because the competition has become so fierce. With Customer Relations Management software or better known as Customer Loyalty programs, companies are able to track buyer’s trends to market specifically to their wants and needs and they are able to attract new markets simply because they offer a value for being a member. Resources Integrated can tailor a custom Relations Management software for your company. For CRM, attracting new customers and retaining existing customers is only half the battle. CRM also streamlines operations meaning savings to the bottom line and providing further opportunities for digital marketing. Call or contact us today to see what your company’s need are.

Have a custom project?
We do that too! Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow with our custom, affordable digital marketing services.